Customer Information: Mr. Hu from Beijing
Service time: 2018.8.7
Case Description: Mr. Hu from Beijing Shipping Furniture to Budapest, Hungary.

The beauty of Hungary is known as the “Dust-free Road” of the Danube River. The scenery is so beautiful that it is not necessary to say that the cultural atmosphere here is also very friendly to the Chinese. Last century 90
In the 1990s, Hungary became the only country in Europe that was exempt from visas for Chinese. Therefore, a large number of Chinese people went to Hungary to live. Mr. Hu, who lives in Beijing, has fallen in love with this country since he traveled to Budapest, the capital of Hungary. He decided to immigrate to Hungary and move from Beijing to Budapest.

After the immigration visa came down, Mr. Hu began preparations for transnational relocation. It is impossible to move a person in China, let alone an international move. Mr. Hu has found a large number of moving companies from the Internet. Since the current immigration hotspot is the United States and Canada, there are very few international moving companies that can move from Beijing to Budapest. After comparing the companies that can provide moving services, Mr. Hu finally chose Xipu International to move based on word of mouth and credibility. Mr. Hu’s furniture items are about 20 cubic meters. Xipu’s customer service staff has set up a high-priced moving plan based on the information provided by Mr. Hu. .

According to the agreed time, Xipu moving master went to Mr. Hu to pack in his home in Beijing. The moving packaging operation lasted more than 10 hours, and the workers packed each item strictly. The fragile items are packed in wooden cases to ensure that every item arrives safely at Mr. Hu’s home in Budapest.