Customer Information:Tianjin Mr. Zhang
Service time: 2018.8.14
Case Study: Mr. Zhang from Tianjin entrusted Neptune International Shipping Private Goods to London, UK


Mr. Zhang, a native of Tianjin, went to the UK to study in the past few years. He entrusted Xipu International to ship his luggage to London, England. Now that Mr. Zhang got the green card, he decided to ship some furniture from Tianjin to London, England. In the past, I had decided to continue to choose Xipu International as my own carrier from Tianjin Shipping to London, England.

After receiving the entrusted demand of Mr. Zhang, Xipu International sent a person to Mr. Zhang’s home in Tianjin to evaluate the volume of the item and then made a quotation plan based on the information of the origin and destination. Because of the valuables (piano) and some works of art (porcelain) that Mr. Zhang wants to transport, it is recommended to purchase door-to-door insurance.

According to the set date, Xipu's master came to the door to pack. For the piano packing, Xipu packed many times of piano. Therefore, Mr. Zhang's family is very satisfied with the professional packaging method of Xipu. For the fragile products such as porcelain, First fill it with paper, then wrap it up and put it in a cardboard box with a cushion like sponge. Finally, the master of Xipu brought these first packaged items to the warehouse in Tianjin for the second packaging reinforcement. Due to the small number of items, Mr. Zhang’s items will be shipped to London in the form of sea freight consolidation, and will be sent to Mr. Zhang’s home in London after customs clearance.