Mr. Xia, who lives in the center of Shenzhen, was ready to move to San Diego. Mr. Xia's relatives had used Hee Pu a few years ago and were very impressed with the service, so they were the first to recommend it to Mr. Xia. With over 100,000 dollars of furniture shipped this far, protection had to be done. The packaging team put on good shoe covers, wrapped in pearl cotton and then wrapped with tape to prevent displacement. After that, the master then according to the shape of the items to create protective cartons, protective properties instantly pulled full. The packaging of fragile items can not be sloppy, first to a layer of cotton and white paper to prevent the items in the process of transportation scratch scuffed, and finally the wrapped items gently into the special carton.

Masters at the same time to work, five hours to pack up. As the saying goes, packing a cool moment to carry the repair field. In the hot weather, the masters all "roll up their sleeves" began to move out. The packed furniture is stuffed with two big trucks, Mr. Xia just needs to carry the bags out of the country and wait for the receipt of goods abroad.

In general, the simple process of moving from China to a foreign country by sea is as follows:
(1) Choose the international moving company, inform the cargo information and destination port information, they will provide quality transportation methods and quotes according to the cargo situation, moving methods, routes, shipping schedules and other information.
(2) Determine the plan and price, sign the Contract of Carriage, the international moving company and you determine the furniture delivery address, and arrange to enter the warehouse for anti-packaging treatment, and then load the container.
(3) According to the relevant information provided by the customer, the moving company will assist in making customs declaration documents such as packing list of goods for customs clearance, booking and shipping.
(4) After arriving at the destination port, we provide different basic/value-added services according to the contract agreement, including customs clearance at the destination port and home delivery. Value-added services: unloading, moving into the home, dismantling cargo packaging, assembling simple furniture and arranging items, cleaning garbage, etc.