Ms. Zhou from Shanghai is preparing to emigrate to Los Angeles, and she is worried about the piles of porcelain and furniture at home. These things are not cheap when you buy them, and if you buy them again abroad, the price will definitely increase several times. When she heard about the international moving service, Ms. Zhou directly packed a container and prepared to ship it all to Los Angeles.

The masters brought packing materials, good protection, ready to start work. The most fear of sea transport is moisture and bump, see how the master pinch these furniture: first with thick pearl cotton winding a few circles, shock and moisture, and then according to the shape of the items custom outer packaging, layers of packaging and professional packing methods, absolutely safe to reach the destination. Cupboard of porcelain, glass is also should be moved as much as possible, cotton and white paper multi-layer wrapping into the carton, the carton has gaps in the fill with cotton and white paper.

The company's staff will arrange docking and delivery to Los Angeles, unloading and dismantling for free.