Ms. Yang from Suzhou just got her German green card and couldn't wait to move to Germany and entrusted HIPO International to move all her domestic furniture to Germany. Ms. Yang chose the one-stop multinational door-to-door service, which is a safe and hassle-free option.

Early in the morning, the master came to Ms. Yang's home with materials and tools and started working non-stop. Long-distance shipping is risky, so the packaging can not be sloppy - bundled with several layers of pearl cotton, anti-scratch and anti-vibration at the same time can also be moisture-proof; according to the shape of the goods on-site custom carton, to ensure that the outer packaging and the goods fit. To move such a large and irregular wood carvings, protective measures must be done, first wrapped with pearl cotton, tape wrapping fixed to prevent displacement, and finally in the set of a layer of cardboard boxes to ensure that the shipping process is foolproof.

In three and a half hours, all the packing is over, as expected of the professional. After the delivery to the warehouse in Xipu unified production of pallets, we have booked the customer's cabin, customs clearance procedures are also ready, Ms. Yang just wait in Germany to receive the goods on the line.