Today I will show you what the Hangzhou ocean moving to Vancouver site really looks like. Look at this decoration, it is the height of the editor's struggle for a lifetime is difficult to reach. Ms. Zhang has lived in the home for more than ten years, every piece of furniture is carefully selected. This kind of furniture is very difficult to buy abroad, no wonder it is not far to move.
First of all, to show you a set of standardized packing process: first wrapped in pearl cotton, then add cardboard, and finally in the corners of the edges and corners of the corner protection, the sea is not afraid of long-distance bumps.
Half a day to empty the whole house, Ms. Zhang chose to ship the whole cabinet, the ship can be immediately departed as soon as the ship arrives. When the furniture arrives at the destination port in Canada, just go to customs and answer a few questions. Overseas will have a person to deliver the door, the whole free hands, door to door service is to save heart.