Home, no doubt, is precious. Cross-country moving is not at all sloppy. Ms. Wang from Wuxi is moving to San Francisco. In order to protect the integrity of the solid wood storage cabinets, the master in accordance with the dimensions of the cabinets, with high specifications of the cardboard produced a cavity to support the interior, the exterior and then a set of pearl cotton, cardboard, corner protector combinations, not afraid of not intact to the United States. The shape of the more regular but bulky cupboards, although simply layer by layer with protection, but in the master's careful and patient operation, the same safe and sound to be moved into the truck one piece at a time.

Booking has been completed, just waiting for the ship to arrive on the departure, customs clearance also do not need to worry about Ms. Wang, just wait for the furniture to arrive in San Francisco, also have a person to deliver to the home, remove the packaging and then clean up the garbage, a simple assembly is also not a problem. This is Xipu's door-to-door one-stop service, a direct replica of the domestic home, saving peace of mind.