Mr. Zhao, who lives in Tianjin, found Xipu International to move, and moved to New Zealand by sea. Taking advantage of the refreshing after the rain, the masters came with the materials. For the leather sofa in Mr. Zhao's home, the master first wrapped it with bubble film to protect the leather surface from scratches, and then made a carton according to the shape of the sofa to play an all-round protection role. For fragile items such as pots and pans, multi-layer protection is a must. Each piece is wrapped in layers of cotton white paper, so it is not afraid to put it in the same box. When these fragile items go to our warehouse, additional wooden boxes will be made to enhance the impact resistance and protect them for long-distance transportation.

No matter how many pieces of furniture you have, no matter how far the shipping distance is, Xipu International Moving can help you move across tens of thousands of miles.