Ms. Ren's family from Shanghai wants to move to Singapore by sea. Of course, the furniture and personal belongings at home in Shanghai have to be shipped by sea. The bedside table is simple and simple, and the masters pack it neatly and steadily. In the most cumbersome packaging process, Ms. Ren's family does not need to work hard, and our masters can handle it. In order to be able to make a pot of Chinese tea with a Chinese tea set at home abroad, and enjoy the lazy time at home. The national-style utensils collected by Ms. Ren were also well protected by the master. The body and lid of the cup were wrapped in cotton white paper and packed in a box. They were sent to Singapore safe and sound.

After all the items were packed, Ms. Ren finished counting, and the master took them out of the house with care, and sent them to the port by truck to wait for loading in the cabinet, and then shipped them to Singapore.