Ms. Ding from Nanjing is about to move to Japan, and the large pieces of furniture at home will also be transported to Daban under the escort of Xipu. Pack them separately, and arrange the cabinets in the most space-saving way. When the large version is released, there will be a special person to help assemble it.

Under the skillful hands of the masters, the single sofa is waiting to be transported in the strongest shape. The circles of tape and layers of protection are the proof of the masters' hard work, and it is also the confidence of Ms. Ding's peace of mind.

With the joint efforts of several masters, Ms. Ding’s furniture and luggage were quickly packed. The small cart, as an intermediary, tried its best to play an auxiliary role, so that the heavy and bulky sofa could be loaded safely, and finally the items arrived smoothly. Osaka and delivered to home.