Ms. Liu from Shanghai commissioned Xipu to move her family's furniture and luggage to London. The masters brought the packing materials and arrived at Ms. Liu's house on time, placed the notice board and started to work.
An object as big as a wardrobe has some drawer parts inside. For the safety of transportation, it can be dismantled as long as it can be disassembled. The table board is also disassembled, and then wrapped with a soft film to prevent scratches, and cardboard is added to enhance safety.
The tableware in the kitchen was not left behind either. They were first wrapped thickly with cotton white paper, and then put into the same box together, relying on each other closely. They are also not afraid of being damaged during sea transportation, and they can be sorted and found when packing.
All the furniture and luggage have been packed. The masters are like playing jigsaw puzzles. In the whole box packed by Ms. Liu, everything is neatly arranged without wasting any available space. Ms. Liu only needs to wait for the delivery in London.

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