Ms. Zhu, who lives in Shanghai, found Xipu International Moving through a friend’s introduction. She wanted to ship all her furniture to New York.
Early in the morning, the master brought the packing materials, came to Ms. Yang's house, and put on shoe covers when she entered. The leather sofa in Ms. Zhu's home looks to be at least 90% new. It is first wrapped with bubble wrap to protect the leather surface from scratches, and then a cardboard box is made according to the shape of the sofa. The solid wood carved TV cabinet, which is more regular in shape but bulky, is packaged in the same way, wrapped in pearl cotton to prevent bumps and scratches, and the outer packaging is customized according to the shape of the item.
The furniture is all packed in three layers, with all-round protection without blind spots. Ms. Zhu does not have to worry about customs clearance after domestic packaging is completed, and it is delivered door-to-door directly to her home in New York.