Mr. Yang from Ningbo, Zhejiang, was planning to move his family to South Korea. He couldn’t just leave the furniture at home to gather dust. He might as well transport it directly to South Korea, so he came to us. The treadmill that Mr. Yang uses every day is first wrapped in thick pearl cotton to prevent moisture and shock. Then the carton is customized on-site according to the shape of the item. The protective properties are fully maximized instantly, no matter how far the distance is. For the solid wood wine cabinet that is not easy to disassemble, the masters used their special skills to wrap it up in layers on the left and right. The package was tightly packed and it would definitely arrive at the destination safely. Mr. Yang only needed to carry the bag abroad and wait for receipt abroad. That's it. When the furniture arrives in South Korea smoothly, a dedicated person will deliver it to your home and simply assemble the furniture. The whole process is handled hands-free.
Neptune International Moving will help you bring your "home" home