I am about to immigrate to Montreal. I entrusted Xipu International Moving to move the furniture from my Shanghai home to Montreal. Although the weather is hot, the masters still kept the promise. When I arrived at Mr. Wang's house, I put on my shoe covers first and didn't say much.
Cross-border transportation is risky, so you need to be careful in packaging. The first step in packaging is to wrap it in pearl cotton, which is shockproof and scratch-proof. Then, according to the size of the items, the cartons are customized on site to make it almost impossible to get bumped.
Books that serve as spiritual food are all Mr. Wang’s treasures. The packaging must not be careless at all. The bottom of the carton is padded with cotton white paper. The books are neatly placed in the carton, and the top is covered with cotton white paper to prevent the books from moving and scattering.
Okay, let’s take a look at today’s results! Mr. Wang packed a container, so he didn’t have to worry about subsequent customs clearance. After the furniture arrived in Montreal, a professional team delivered it to your door, removed the packaging, placed the items in place, and then cleaned up the garbage and took it away. Mr. Wang only had to pack it and move in.

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