Mr. Deng from Wuhan, Hubei, is moving to Boston, USA. He packed a container and wanted to ship all the furniture in his house abroad. Mr. Deng knew the market in Boston and found that furniture was expensive and difficult to buy, so he decided to move out of his home in Wuhan. This time I took all the furniture away to save my worries.
The household storage cabinets are completely covered with thick pearl cotton. The pearl cotton can play a very good role in shock absorption. Finally, the outer box is customized, so it is not afraid of traveling across the ocean.
The clothes in the bedroom should also be taken away. Let's see how the masters handle it. First, lay cotton white paper at the bottom of the clothes hanging box and put moisture-proof agent. Then, together with the hangers, hang them on the clothes hanging rod in the carton in an orderly manner. Finally, Use tape to seal the opening of the hanging box to make it foolproof.
We handle the entire customs declaration and clearance process. After arriving in Boston, a professional team will deliver it to your door. We will unpack and place it, and even simple furniture assembly. The door-to-door service is so worry-free. The family can go abroad easily. In Boston Just sit back and wait for the goods to arrive.