Ms. Guan from Shanghai was moving to the UK and she had to take away all her familiar furniture and items, so she came to us. Ms. Guan is a very particular person. She carefully selected this set of purple clay teapots and must not leave it behind. In order to drink a pot of Chinese tea and enjoy a lazy time in the UK, she had to bring it with her no matter how far the journey was. superior.
The rockery used to decorate the tea table must also be taken away. The rockery is an item that is easy to bump into, so the masters used their special skills to wrap it tightly in layers.
Packing this irregular-shaped chair is the most technical test. First, move the chair outdoors to facilitate packaging. Wrap it with two or three layers of pearl cotton to prevent scratches and moisture. Then cut the carton according to the shape of the item to ensure that the outer packaging fits the item perfectly. combine. All items are packed and gently moved out of the house. All packed items are shipped to our warehouse, waiting for shipping to the UK.
There is no need for subsequent customs declaration and clearance. Ms. Guan handled it herself. When it arrived in the UK, it was delivered door-to-door directly to Ms. Guan’s new home. She did not need to do anything herself, including unpacking, placing and cleaning up the garbage. Xipu International Moving will help you bring your "home" home!