Mr. Zhang, who lives in Hangzhou, is preparing to immigrate to Brisbane. Mr. Zhang directly packed a container and shipped all the furniture and items for his own use overseas. The masters brought the materials to Mr. Zhang's house early in the morning. Before packing, , this process is indispensable.
Mr. Zhang’s revolving single sofa in his home needs sufficient shock absorption if it wants to arrive safely in Brisbane. It is first wrapped with two layers of pearl cotton, and then a cardboard box is made on site according to the shape of the sofa to provide all-round protection. .
Anyone with experience knows that with such a table of fragile ceramic tableware, Chinese dishes are expensive to buy abroad, so the main idea is to take them all away if you can. First, wrap them thickly with cotton white paper and then put them neatly in the same box. If you want to scratch your head, there is no way.
Once you arrive in Brisbane, you don’t have to worry anymore. It’s delivered door to door, the furniture is unpacked and assembled, and even the packaging waste is cleaned up. This operation makes cross-border moving so worry-free.