Mr. Deng from Chengdu was planning to move his family to Auckland, so he came to Xipu for door-to-door cross-border shipping. As soon as the masters came to the door, they started working directly. They started with the coffee table. They used tools to disassemble the table legs and wrapped the disassembled parts separately. Then they wrapped the table top with pearl cotton and used cardboard as the outer layer to make customized packaging for stability. Stable and reassuring.
The large-screen TV at home must also be taken away. Double-layer thickened pearl cotton is used as the base, and it is wrapped tightly. Then hard corner guards are used to reinforce the surrounding edges to prevent bumps. Finally, the outer packaging is customized to ensure that it is foolproof.
The photo frame ornaments used for decoration are also carefully packaged, so arriving in Auckland safely is not a problem. Domestic packaging is completed, and there is no need to worry about subsequent matters. Mr. Deng only needs to be abroad, waiting to receive the goods.