Mr. Lu from Wenzhou, Zhejiang, entrusted Xipu to move his furniture to Seattle. The craftsmen arrived at Mr. Lu's house on time with packing materials. In order to facilitate storage, Mr. Lu purchased a lot of cabinets, and he will take them to Seattle this time. First, he uses thick pearl cotton and wraps the whole thing in several layers. Then he cuts the cartons on site according to the size of the items, so you don’t have to worry about double protection.
The simple and stylish table lamps were carefully wrapped using the same technique, and finally put into a custom-made carton. The study table, a must-have for families with children, was not left behind either. They were all packed carefully, so that no matter how bumpy the road was, it was no problem.
After Mr. Lu finished counting, the masters gently moved out of the house and sent them to the Xipu warehouse to make pallets and then shipped them to Seattle. We have booked a cabin for Mr. Lu and prepared the customs clearance procedures. As long as Mr. Lu is in Seattle, he will wait. Just take delivery.