The child went to Paris to study, in order to accompany the study, Guangzhou, the couple after 80, chose to sell the villa in Guangzhou. This side of the visa has just been done, to find Xipu, to a cross-country moving services, ready to the whole house solid wood furniture shipping to Paris, France, to see these furniture to understand, why a thousand miles, shipped to foreign countries. Heavy solid wood cupboard, wrapped in pearl cotton anti-scratch, and then according to the shape of the items, customized outer packaging, the same solid wood glass cabinet, the same packing techniques, three times on the package. Solid wood round dining table, wrapped in thick pearl cotton, the basic protection must be done, and then a customized packaging, and other items to Paris, directly door to door to home, unboxing restore in place, packaging waste back to take away, one-stop service is so worry-free.