Mr. Deng half a lifetime of hard work, after retirement can finally enjoy the blessings, so and the love of his life together to defect, married to Belgium's daughter, inquired about the Xipu cross-country moving, door-to-door service, so Mr. Deng, directly pack a container, with decades of furniture items with the sea to Belgium.
Masters do not say much to see the masters, how to pinch these furniture, need to dismantle the solid wood coffee table, the master is also a minute to take down, table legs disassembled and wrapped, and then packaged with the desktop, the main one to save the volume of pearl cotton bottom layer of anti-scratch, the outer layer of the packaging site customized, anti-vibration value pull full.
Matching glass display cabinets, the bottom layer of pearl cotton, shock absorption, moisture-proof and anti-scratch in one step, and then finally customized cardboard boxes, all-round protection from the inside out. Packing solid wood TV cabinets, we are equally handy, first with thick pearl cotton, wrapped around a few circles, shockproof and moisture-proof, and then in the customized packaging, layer by layer packaging plus professional packing techniques, absolutely safe to arrive at the destination. Packing all done, the furniture in accordance with the scheduled shipment, on time shipping to Belgium.
To the destination, there will be a person to the home, unpacking and assembly in place, and even clean up the packaging garbage, have us all dealt with, choose Xipu door-to-door service, is so worry-free.