Mr. Shen from Ningbo, to be sent to Malaysia, after careful consideration, decided to move to Penang with his family, home furniture items are used to, of course, the choice is to pack a whole cabinet shipping over. Communicate well beforehand the items to be shipped and the number of master with a sufficient amount of packaging materials, came to Mr. Shen's home.
The sofa is the place where the family gathers together most often, and carries a lot of joyful family time for Mr. Shen's family. The masters were careful when packing the sofa to protect it as well as the good memories. Empty display cabinets inside the glass and mirrors, in order to prevent damage in the long-distance transportation process, the master used cardboard folded into a three-pronged column as a support, the triangle is the most stable shape in the two-dimensional space, three-pronged columns can also maintain the stability of the internal space of the cabinet, and then a layer of cardboard, to protect the cabinet door glass, and then wrapped in pearl cotton on the outside surface, and finally add the cardboard face-to-face, not afraid that it is not safe and intact! Arrival.
Mr. Shen's home also collects a lot of porcelain utensils, this time it is the turn of cotton white paper on the field, cotton white paper not only protects the surface of the utensils are not scratched, but also in the process of transportation, effective shock absorption. Packing finished counting items at the same time, will also be marked on the surface of the carton name and direction of the items, to facilitate efficient counting and safe handling, the next step is to load the cabinet after shipping to the port. At this point the advantages of the whole container can be reflected, do not have to wait for the collection of goods can be shipped to the destination will also have personal service to the home, want to whole house furniture shipping friends, come to understand it!