How voluminous is international moving in the end, today we take a look at the ceiling level moving service scene.
Mr. Yang from Suzhou recently prepared to migrate and move to Edinburgh, England, because he was afraid that his family would not be used to the life in England, and he directly approached Xipu to pack a whole cabinet and move his home in Suzhou to England in a 1:1 flat move. Without further ado, let's get started!
The first appearance is our vertical pendulum clock, the clock is a precision instrument plus the glass surface, can not be sloppy. The master first pearl cotton from head to toe wrapped in two or three layers, pearl cotton bottom, and then according to the shape of the pendulum clock cut cardboard boxes, do the second parcel reinforcement, to the warehouse, but also on the wooden box reinforcement, to ensure that everything is safe.
Two solid wood flower rack is also Mr. Yang's heart love ah, first with pearl cotton wrapped around the package, wrapped flower rack side by side, and then customized cardboard boxes together, without leaving a gap, shock absorption and anti-scratch at the same time, but also to save volume. Worthy of moving teacher! All the items were packed and sent directly to Xipu warehouse. Mr. Yang packed a whole container, no need to wait, directly out of the shipment. There is no need to wait, it will be shipped out directly. Afterwards, there will be a specialized person to declare and clear the customs, and deliver the goods to your home. This is the best way to move internationally with no hassle!