Mr. Cui sold his house in Shanghai, ready to take his family to move to Dublin, Ireland, the house sold furniture should also be emptied, why not pack a container to move the domestic house, directly to a turnkey, but also to save a sum of money.
Mr. Shen especially like Chinese style furniture, home cabinets, tables and chairs are Chinese, rather than spend a high price to buy abroad as well as packaged with the past, first wrapped in several layers of pearl cotton thick, and then on the cardboard, double protection is not to worry about, multinational transport more assured. Fragile dishes four groups of cotton white paper wrapped tightly, and then loaded into a customized cardboard box, each of the precious fragile items, can get fine protection.
Mr. Cui said that other things can be taken away, but the customary mattress must be taken away, a comfortable mattress will let the spirit and body relax, the mattress into a custom mattress cover, dustproof and moisture-proof effect, even if it is a long-distance shipping, do not worry about moisture and mold, the degree of security pull full!
All items are packed. Load the car back to the Xipu warehouse, and then arrange the whole cabinet out of the shipment, the cumbersome customs clearance, Mr. Cui do not have to intervene, to Dublin, the foreign team directly into the home to unboxing restoration, assembly and placement. The main one service is in place!