Mr. Ye of Fuzhou retired, ready to go to Canada to retire, in the friend's introduction, found the Xipu international moving, entrusted Xipu, the furniture items of the family
Mr. Ye was introduced by a friend and found Hippo International Moving and entrusted Hippo to transport his family's furniture and goods to Canada by sea. After agreeing on a good time and transportation plan, Hippo's supervisor took the masters to Mr. Ye's home, this is full of Chinese interest in the craft ornaments
With Hippo's packing materials and the professional operation of the masters, Mr. Ye certainly received his collection in Canada smoothly.
Mr. Ye's family still has a piano to transport, as a veteran of shipping pianos, Hippo made a masterpiece, still pearl cotton anti-scratch and shock-absorbing, the focus is to be thick. Then wrapped in a layer of plastic wrap, so that the pearl cotton more close to the piano, and finally add Xipu signature cardboard. When the piano is in the warehouse, a wooden case will be added to make the piano safer during the long distance sea transportation.
Look at this rustic texture of the solid wood table, on the basis of pearl cotton, but also to add corner protection, to prevent bumps and bruises in transit, and then finally wrapped the entire table with cardboard, the protection of the table legs are not sloppy, after the completion of the packaging. The masters work together to move the goods onto the truck, they will first be transported to Xipu's Shanghai warehouse and then to Hong Kong to load containers.
Emotional attachment to these furniture items more valuable, I hope that Mr. Ye's life in Canada, can be all good!