Mr. Lin, who lives in Hangzhou, 80 years old this year, recently prepared to go to New Zealand to reunite with his daughter's family, introduced by a friend to find Neptune International Movers, will be accustomed to the furniture items directly to Wellington, New Zealand, his daughter's home, the masters pulled the packing materials early in the morning to Mr. Lin's home, began to pack.
Carved cupboard is an old object in the family, packing can not be sloppy, first in the top of the cabinet pad a piece of cotton paper and then press a piece of wood to prevent friction scratches, then cut a small piece of cardboard
Card in the middle of the cabinet door gap, to avoid the transportation process, the cabinet door loose bump, ready to do a good job, the masters took the pearl cotton inside three layers outside three layers, to the whole body of the cupboard wrapped all over the cupboard, and finally to the cupboard customized cardboard, to do a full range of protection. Two Chinese chairs, but a good companion for dinner, first of all, each with pearl cotton, 360 ° wrapped once again, and then put the two chairs against each other, just like the formation of a rectangle, stable le! The last set of customized cardboard boxes, shipping to New Zealand to ensure that a leg will not be missing.
Once a family sitting around chatting, folding coffee table also have to take away, the same pearl cotton bottom anti-scratch, external hard box binding, safe shipping to New Zealand no problem, after packing. Mr. Lin's items directly pulled to the Hippo warehouse, in accordance with the agreed schedule on time shipping to Wellington!