Xiamen's Mr. Wang is ready to move his home to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, after a relative introduced, found the Hippo International Moving, Mr. Wang's relatives a few years ago used Hippo, Hippo's service is very recognized, so the first time, the Hippo recommended to Mr. Wang. The weather was sunny, the masters with packing materials, came to Mr. Wang's house on time, directly open the whole! Box bed such a large object, there are a lot of drawer parts, the master is also a minute to take down, in order to transport safety, all restore the factory settings, the first disassembly and then packaging, get it done.
Dining table for the Chinese people, not just a place to eat, more is the reunion and communication, directly on the professional approach, the old rules, first on the pearl cotton thick wrapped in a few layers, and then customized according to the dining table-like packaging, layer by layer packaging and professional approach to ensure that it can safely arrive at the destination. Look at this full of rustic texture of the bookcase, the same packing techniques, pearl cotton and five layers of cardboard, scratch-proof and shock-proof, want to bump basically does not exist multinational shipping can also be safe and worry-free. Furniture all packaged after the completion of the master also cleaned up the packaging garbage.
Packed furniture transported to the Xipu warehouse, in accordance with the pre-determined schedule, on time to Malaysia, the subsequent customs clearance also do not need Mr. Wang show up, and so the items arrived in Kuala Lumpur, directly into Mr. Wang, in Kuala Lumpur, the new home, unpacking and restoration of the placement to the designated location.
This is the kind of international moving that saves you a lot of heartache. Sure you don't want to move!