Ms Wang from Beijing has some furniture to be shipped to Providence, U.S.A. In our communication, we learnt that Ms Wang has been holding a U.S. green card for 11 years, and has had the experience of shipping her personal belongings before. The furniture she wants to ship has both new and old, the new ones are purchased online by Ms Wang and sent to Hipo warehouse directly by the manufacturer, while the old ones are waiting for Hipo packing staff to come to her door.
One of the big items in Ms Wang's shipment is a double-door refrigerator. In order to prevent the refrigerator inside the empty shake, the master first to the refrigerator stuffed with a lot of cotton paper, thanks to the shape of the refrigerator quadrilateral, pearl cotton wrapped up not so troublesome, in order to be more secure, the master wrapped several layers, the outermost layer and then add cardboard on the completion of it.
Solid wood cabinet although the whole is also square, but the corners have part of the protruding, which is also one of the focus of the packing, in order to prevent bumping, need to do in the corners of the thickening process. Next is a, full of Chinese flavour of the cupboard, is Ms. Wang when she was young to find, has been used to cherish our master of course, can not fall off the chain. In order to protect the front of the carvings, the master deliberately to the front, adding a few more layers of pearl cotton, supplemented by cardboard, so that it arrived unharmed in Providence, USA. Packed old furniture, will first be transported to the Hippo warehouse, and the new furniture is due to meet, and then shipped to the United States together.
The United States has always been one of our advantageous routes, so don't miss out if you need it!