Professor Zhu and his wife, who live in Chongqing, have just retired and are ready to join their son's family in Los Angeles. No way, grandchildren are in the United States, can not be common, think of the le. Directly packaged a whole container, the Chongqing home all empty moved to the United States. Daughter-in-law in the domestic seafood sofa sent to Xipu warehouse, take pictures and check the error-free, began to pack. Fabric sofa outside the first wrapped in PE moisture-proof film, and then wrapped in pearl cotton two or three layers, moisture-proof shock, the master said that the corners of the sofa is the most likely to touch the bad, soft guard against bumping treatment is essential, and then finally a layer of thick cardboard, all-around package, foolproof.
Home glass display cabinets empty, the master directly folded a three-pronged shape of cardboard into which the stability of the cabinet space at the same time, but also decompression shock, any strong bumps, can not damage the display cabinets in the slightest, coupled with the Xipu pearl cotton thickened cardboard box of the three sets of packaging techniques, shipping to the United States, proper!
Old friend sent the locker can not be left behind, all with pearl cotton and thickened cardboard box fine packing, all-round no dead angle protection in place. After all the furniture and household goods were counted and packed, Mr Zhu's things were waiting to be shipped to the United States, and then delivered to his son's home in Los Angeles by a special person! The whole process is hands-free, one-stop door-to-door service, who wouldn't want to move like this?