Zhengzhou Mr Cheng in foreign companies work for more than ten years, next month to be transferred to the headquarters of Queensland work, work visa has just been obtained, can not wait to contact us, ready to sea moving, all the costs of the company reimbursement, that still waiting for what. Direct package container, the Zhengzhou home all empty, door-to-door packing day, the supervisor with the master rushed to Mr Cheng's home.
Looking at the very old Chinese retro triangular entrance cabinet, the masters do not say much, directly out of pearl cotton, 360 wrapped around the entrance cabinet, and then set Xipu thickened cardboard box, entrance cabinet feet individually packaged to do anti-knock treatment, pull to the world of travel is not a problem. Can be used for both decorative and storage of Chinese Pokou rack, but Mr Cheng's baby, the master of the Pokou rack with pearl cotton, from top to bottom package in place, coupled with skilled packing techniques, so that the cardboard and Pokou perfect fit, not a little bit of bump, the security index pull full.
Finally a sense of seniority full, solid wood eight-drawer cabinet, want to arrive safely in Queensland, in the packaging can have to work hard, the first pearl cotton to the cupboard wrapped tightly, and finally with cardboard, according to the shape of the cupboard to cut out the appropriate packaging, security this piece of nothing to say.
The masters use trolleys to load the packed items securely, the furniture will be transported to the Xipu warehouse, to the warehouse will also be additional production of wooden crates to enhance the impact resistance, for the long-distance transport escort. Australia