Ms Hu's lover is French, the family has been living in Shanghai before, now they plan to move back to France to live for a few years, so they commissioned Hippo to transport their personal belongings to France by sea, according to the time booked by Ms Hu, the staff came to Ms Hu's house with the packing materials.
Dining chairs are rich sense of technology in silver, or very unique, so they are all packed away, you may think, the shape of the chair is not regular, how to pack to ensure its safety? Look at our Xipu master. Pearl cotton do not have to wrap too tight, add some air can be shock-absorbing, and there is a layer of cardboard outside, and then along the outer contour of the chair, cut a little bit, and then the chair in which the whole package, although it looks unimpressive, the quality of which is guaranteed. And Ms Hu's dresser, taking into account can be disassembled, but also can save space, the master of the dresser table legs removed, just to fill the gap under the countertop, which is also more convenient to pack.
Finally, the LCD screen is packed, because the screen is more fragile, the master in the screen front, add a layer of pearl cotton, and then use cardboard, do the outermost protective shell. All the items are packed, according to the list of inventory, and then one by one to move the car, sent to the Xipu warehouse. When the goods were loaded and shipped to the port for delivery, the whole process was controlled by Hippo, and Ms Hu received the goods smoothly at her home in Toulouse. We hope Ms Hu's family will have a happy life in France.