Mr Li's family is ready to immigrate and settle in Bordeaux, the "City of Wine", this side has just got a visa, the old family in Wuxi is also ready to move over, drinking wine, enjoying the beautiful scenery, the new life in France will start! We found Hippo International Moving, a door-to-door one-stop moving service!
Look at this exquisite peacock ornaments, shaped and fragile, to see how we master packing it!
The first layer: peacock head is thin and narrow, easy to knock off, packing is a test of skill. Master first took out the cotton white paper around the peacock head rotated a few times, so that the top of the thickness and the middle section of the flat, uniform force, and then take out the pearl cotton wrapped the whole body, shockproof and decompression.
The second layer: carefully prepared blankets on time, soft fabric wrapped hard pendulum, together with a layer of Xipu pearl cotton, this security protection, no comment!
The third layer: Finally, the pendant will be placed vertically into the thickened cardboard box, the master also thoughtfully stuffed into a few paper balls to the pendant and the cardboard box gap, to prevent damage to the items shaken in the shipping process.
Amitabha Buddha, Buddha statue appearance! The statue of Buddha is of the same size, so it's better to pack it. Two masters work together, first with pearl cotton 360 ° wrapped statue of the whole body, and then use a knife to cut out the size of the statue in accordance with the shape of the cardboard box, and finally seal the box! Of course, these fragile items, to the warehouse, we will be based on customer demand for the second wooden box reinforced drops!
Packing bed is a strength work. In order to help customers save shipping volume, the masters will directly split a whole bed, and then packed with pearl cotton and cardboard bed, bed, bed, bed frame, bed, a few masters hands and feet numb, in a short time on the packaged, before leaving also do not forget to clean up the packaging rubbish to take away, "Chinese rigorous" is true to its name! The packed items will be taken to the warehouse directly, so that they can sail directly to Mr Li's new home in France after the shipment is scheduled!