Beijing Shunyi's Ms Li, intends to send her daughter to Calgary to study, he is also ready to go to accompany the study, furniture items intended to match from the domestic to Calgary, can save a little bit is a little bit, in accordance with the appointment with Ms Li, the masters with packing materials, came to Ms Li's home, placing the moving notice board. Open the whole!
Simple style leather sofa, do a good job of anti-vibration anti-scratch moisture, the sofa will not be easily deformed, first wrapped in pearl cotton, to protect the leather surface to prevent scratches, and then cut along the outer contour of the sofa, flip wrapped around the bottom of the sofa so that the entire sofa are wrapped in which the packing process is well organised, no dead ends to protect in place, properly!
Oval mini ceramic bathtub, very easy to bump, two masters co-operate, with pearl cotton wrapped bathtub all over the body, and then according to the shape of the bathtub to cut out the appropriate packaging, packing details no say.
Exquisite and unique shell DIY handmade painting, is Ms Li's daughter's work, of course, to take away, this time it is the turn of the pearl cotton, pearl cotton can be effective in the shipping process shock absorption and moisture-proof role, and there are five layers of thickened cardboard outside, safety is very secure. Packed items, pulled directly to the Xipu warehouse, customised pallet crates, in accordance with the agreed schedule. It is shipped to Calgary on time.