Service route: Shanghai to Manchester;
Service mode: Door to door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Mr. Wang entrusted Hippo International to transport his furniture items from Shanghai to Manchester, UK by sea.

Mr. Wang's family is ready to migrate and settle in Manchester, UK.
The self-proclaimed "Capital of the North", Manchester is the city that every soccer fan aspires to, and the world-class soccer team is its most representative city card. As a hardcore old fan, Mr. Wang has long planned his long-awaited football watching life. He applied for a visa as soon as he officially retired last year, looking forward to the good times of watching football on site!


For Mr. Wang, the sofa and TV necessary for watching football at home have become his daily companions, due to the emotional support and the need to save money, he decided to ship the domestic furniture to Manchester.

Introduced by an old Chinese friend abroad, Mr. Wang found Hippo International Moving. In order to ensure that the sofa is not damaged during transportation, it must be well and strictly packed, such as using foam, corrugated paper and other packaging, and fixed well.


The sofa is old, in order to prevent damage to the corners, soft guards against bumping treatment is very necessary. Leather sofas in particular to prevent mold and mildew problems that may occur when crossing the ocean, first use a soft cloth moistened with leather cleaner to wipe the surface, after completing the cleaning, placed in the sun can not be direct sunlight to ventilate the place to dry. And then give them with Xipu pearl cotton thick cardboard box packaging techniques, stick on the tape, to the sofa fully equipped to ensure that no damage.


TV is no exception, the master will first be placed flat on the thick cardboard, to ensure that the placement of flat, and then wrapped layer by layer, until properly protected. Customers' precious treasure, masters will treat it with care.


Finally a layer of thickened cardboard, safe shipping to the UK, really simple! After all the furniture and personal belongings are counted and packed, Mr. Wang is waiting to welcome his baby on the other side of the sea.


Immigrants moving, want to furniture and other items of transportation safety, packaging is indeed an extremely important step, relative to the choice of packaging materials is also extremely important.

1, the outer packaging box

You can choose a hard, thick (five-layer) box, length, width and height compared to the mailed goods, each enlarged by about 6 centimeters, to facilitate the use of filler.

2, filler

The best choice of Styrofoam (waste utilization), you can play a good role in the items. Packaging in place, the damage rate is minimal.

3、Packing box:

Items placed in the outer box in the right center of the position, six sides evenly stuffed with Styrofoam, sealing tape sealing after a hard shake, the items do not move for the best.

For furniture and home appliances and other large items afraid of collision, Xipu International Moving will use bubble wrap and other packaging materials wrapped around the outside will use cardboard, according to its shape and size of the production of cardboard boxes wrapped up to ensure that the furniture and household appliances intact.

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