Service route: Xi'an to Antwerp;
Service mode: Door-to-door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Mr. Lin entrusted Hippo International to ship furniture items from his home in Xi'an to Antwerp, Belgium by sea.

Antwerp is the most populous of all Belgian cities and is also the economic and commercial center. The city has a rich cultural heritage and is known as the home of many famous painters such as Rubens and Van Dyck. Within the city, the infrastructure is impressive. The city boasts well-maintained roads, modern railroads, metro and an efficient bus network. Antwerp is ideal for expatriate families as it has many public and international schools.

Mr. Lin's family is from Xi'an. In recent years, he has done some business and saved a lot of money, and his youngest son is about to start school, so in order to provide better education and living environment for his child, the whole family decided to move to Belgium. Just after the formalities were completed, Mr. Lin found a professional international moving company to move his home in Xi'an to Antwerp, Belgium by sea.

Because Mr. Lin's furniture and household goods are more, we provided Mr. Lin with free door-to-door measurement and volume assessment services, volume precision assessment, about 23 m³, business colleagues directly recommended Mr. Lin to pack a 20GP container shipping, can be loaded with 25m³ of goods, and safety time is guaranteed.



On the day of packing, we went to 4 masters, before they started packing they counted the items to be moved and labeled them. After the division of labor, each of them took up their own duties and started the work of packing and packing with their hands and feet.





Xipu's professional packaging, the use of high-quality packaging materials, in strict accordance with the standard process of packaging: the first layer of cotton white paper base, to ensure that the surface of the items will not be rubbed flowers; the second layer of pearl cotton wrapped to cushion the role of anti-vibration; the third layer of the corners of the items on the corner of the corner pads, to prevent the items knocked out of the corners; the most outermost layer of the thickening of the cardboard wrapped, to be protected. In addition, some fragile items such as porcelain, or valuable items such as pianos, Xipu will also customize non-fumigation crates to enhance protection.

Mr. Lin chose Hippo's door-to-door service, which is very convenient, so what services are included in the "door-to-door international moving service"?

The so-called "door-to-door" service means that the international moving company from the beginning of the door-to-door assessment, to the transportation to the designated port customs clearance, departure/sea transportation to the port of destination country customs clearance, and finally by the moving company will be the customer's personal belongings transported to the new home unpacking and return to the place, the specific service content is as follows:

1, items in the pre-preparation, you can make an appointment with the moving company for the master to come to your home and measure and evaluate the furniture in order to make a suitable moving program and quotation;

2, to determine the transportation after the two sides signed a contract of carriage, by a professional moving master in the agreed time with packaging materials to the door, each item is packed, if there is a need to disassemble the furniture, the master will disassemble the furniture well after packing, the items after the completion of the packing, the site customized list of items, and marked on each item with the number of the item, the same day will be packed items to pick up;

3、According to the customer's item list and the customer's document information, the items will be declared for customs clearance and transported by sea;

4、After the articles arrive at the local port, according to the information of the customs clearance documents filled in by the customers, we will handle the customs clearance of the private articles, and make an appointment for the delivery of the articles after the customs clearance is completed;

5、Place the items delivered to home in the designated location

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