Ms Zhang was a university teacher before, then resigned to work as a leader in a foreign trade company, and now the company wants to send her to Tokyo, Japan. We received Ms Zhang's commission in early March, and needed to send some home furniture to Japan. The workers came to Ms Zhang's house in Wuhan early in the morning with packing materials.
The first thing to be packed was a koto, which was a favourite of Ms. Zhang. The koto is an easy-to-knock instrument, and it needs to be reinforced by the second wooden box in the warehouse. The master firstly put the original cover cloth on top of the koto, and then wrapped it with pearl cotton to prevent shock and reduce pressure. Then use Xipu thick cardboard box with shape cutting to wrap the body of the piano, protection value pull full.
The paintings and calligraphy on the wall were gifted by Ms Zhang's teacher, and they were also taken away. Masters with old-fashioned packing techniques, two people work together, in a short time with pearl cotton and cardboard boxes will be packed tightly the calligraphy and painting.
Books are good to pack, directly into the cardboard box, yard neatly. All things are packed, then pulled to the Hipo warehouse, the fragile and precious items in wooden boxes, you can wait for the shipment to Japan by sea! If you are interested, come on~!