Service route: Chengdu to Singapore;
Service Mode: Door-to-door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Mr Xiao entrusted Hipu International to transport his furniture from Chengdu to Singapore by sea.

Singapore is an island country in Southeast Asia, is a multicultural country, known as the "Garden City" of Singapore, whether from the economic conditions, educational facilities, or living environment, etc., have very obvious advantages, more and more people choose to Singapore as the first choice of immigrant countries. At the same time, Singapore is also a Chinese-dominated developed country, so many Chinese people choose Singapore as the ideal destination for immigration.


Mr Xiao from Chengdu is preparing to move to Singapore, and is ready to ship some of his used furniture there as well. After his visa came down, he started to prepare for the move, and because he had used Hipo's personal baggage shipping service before, he chose Hipo International to ship his furniture from Chengdu to Singapore this time.

I've used Hippo's personal baggage transport service before.

Mr Xiao has a lot of things to transport, this time there are coffee tables, chairs, wardrobes, beds, artefacts, clothes, etc., and some small items, in order to facilitate Mr Xiao to store small items.


When communicating with Mr Xiao in the early stage, Hippo provided him with some cardboard boxes and auxiliary packaging materials for his organisation. As for valuables and large pieces of furniture, Hippo staff at the door to pick up the packing with very thick materials, layer after layer of the packing process, can make the furniture safely through the sea journey, items packed into the warehouse, the items will be further reinforced. The following is the packing scene of the day: