Service route: Hefei to Berlin;
Service mode: Door to door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Mr. Xu entrusted Hippo International to transport his furniture items from Hefei to Berlin, Germany by sea.

Berlin is the largest and most international city in Germany. The city is modern and unconventional, recognized as one of the few freest cities in Europe. Known for its "Berliner flair" (a play on, or even a celebration of, the city's mysterious and magical atmosphere), Berlin has a liberal, cosmopolitan atmosphere in which creative people and artists thrive. Berlin's immigrants and expatriates can live here without fear of being judged or marginalized. The city is innovative and known for its modern architecture, nightlife and art scene.

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Mr. Xu from Hefei, an artist, was ready to start his cross-country move as soon as his visa was ready late last year because he aspired to a free and rigorous artistic life in Germany. Mr. Xu usually lives alone and does not use a lot of furniture, so he is ready to ship all his furniture to Germany to save the trouble of re-purchasing in Berlin. Since Mr. Xu was the only one responsible for this cross-country move, he chose Hippo's door-to-door one-stop moving service, which started directly from the door-to-door packing in China, and continued until the delivery to his home abroad, the whole process was under the responsibility of a special person to assist Mr. Xu in safely transporting his furniture and household goods to Berlin by sea.

The first step of international moving is door-to-door pickup and packing, Hippo's staff went to Mr. Xu's residence with professional packing materials at the agreed time to pick up and pack the items to be shipped by sea. At the scene, Mr. Xu was only required to inform the information of the items to be taken away and some precautions, while Hippo's staff completed the rest of the work: fine packing of each piece, posting of markers with numbers, and making detailed import and export lists according to the numbers. The following is the packing site at Mr. Xu's home on that day:






Many people who emigrate choose to have their domestic belongings transferred abroad through international movers to make life abroad easier. Of course, the international moving process is a little more troublesome in comparison, especially for people who don't have any cross-country moving experience and are prone to encounter the following three problems:


Cost is one of the biggest concerns for many people. International moving is a big project, so what is the price?

International moving costs are generally composed of fixed and variable costs, fixed costs will be written in the contract, such as packaging costs, transportation costs, shipping costs, customs clearance fees, port fees, destination port service fees, etc., variable costs are due to a number of uncertain factors arising from the costs, such as customs inspection caused by the inspection fee demurrage charges, due to the items do not comply with the policies of the destination country tariffs, taxes, etc., exactly what costs, the international moving expenses, the international moving expenses, the international moving expenses, the international moving expenses, the international moving expenses, the international moving expenses, the international moving expenses, the international moving expenses, the international moving expenses, the international moving expenses, the international moving expenses, the international moving expenses and the international moving expenses. etc. The international moving company will explain to you in advance what the specific costs are and have their own charges, so it is very crucial to consult in advance.

Here you do not need to worry too much. After all, the international moving market has been more mature, many things are open and transparent. Therefore, you only need to find a few more international moving companies to ask and compare to be able to have a psychological price.

2、the problem of time

There are some people who care about the time, if you don't know the relevant time, then it will affect the use of the items, it is necessary to know some time problems.

Cross-country moving to foreign countries, mostly use the way of sea transportation, which inevitably a problem, the sea transportation time is longer. In terms of shipping from China to Australia, from Shanghai or Hong Kong to Melbourne or Sydney by sea, the sea voyage time is more than 15 days, and it will take even longer if you are shipping from China to the eastern part of the United States or Europe.

In addition, there is the customs clearance time, in general, the domestic customs clearance time is in 7-10 working days, and foreign customs clearance, the time required by different countries is different, the United States is generally about 5 working days, Australia, New Zealand is generally within 2 weeks, Europe is generally about a week, Canada is more special, the need for the consignee to go to the Customs office in person to receive advice to assist in customs clearance, generally the same day can be released.

So when ready to choose shipping to transport their belongings, do your homework first, see what you can bring which can not bring which, and then according to the visa and air ticket schedule, it is recommended to prepare for cross-country moving 2 months in advance, set aside at least 10 days of packing and organizing time.

3、safety issues

International moving cycle is long, long distance, so the security of the items required more. The safety mentioned here mainly includes two points: packing and insurance. The first is packing, generally speaking, international moving companies have professional packing team, they use professional packing materials, and in strict accordance with the international moving standards for packing items, can effectively reduce the damage of the items. The second is to buy insurance, which can improve the safety of moving items to a certain extent. Insurance can ensure that one's financial interests will not be damaged, and the compensation received will be more reasonable after crossing the threshold of limit compensation.

Finally, of course, it is still recommended that you choose a regular and reliable moving company and sign an agreement, so that your international moving trip is the greatest protection. In addition, it is when packing goods, make a good list of items detailed, so as to be prepared.