Service route: Beijing to St John's;
Service Mode: Door-to-door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Mr Sun entrusted Hippo International to ship his furniture items from his home in Beijing to St. John's, Canada by sea for continued use.

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Saint John is a major international air port city in Canada and the easternmost city in North America. It is rated as one of the cities with the lowest cost of buying a home in Canada, has a beautiful environment, and has been rated as one of the world's most livable cities for many years. That's why in recent years more and more Chinese immigrants are coming here to live as well as to buy property.

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Mr Sun from Beijing is going to live in St. John's. In order to adapt to the local life, he chose to transport his furniture and luggage from his home to St. John's for further use. After a preliminary door-to-door assessment, Hippo gave him a professional transport and quotation plan.

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Hippo and Mr sun signed a contract of carriage, clearly define the responsibilities and obligations of both parties, moving service items and moving detailed costs will be clearly marked in the contract to ensure the smooth progress of cross-border moving.

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On the day of the move, professional masters will come to the door with packing materials to carry out standard fine packing of items, each item will be packed in strict accordance with the standard of cross-country moving, and in the outer packaging of each item, a label will be posted to write the name of the item and whether it is fragile or not. Below is the moving scene on the day of the move:

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Packing is indeed an extremely important step in a cross-country move when you want your furniture items to be transported safely, but packaging materials and packing techniques also play a crucial role in shipping. Xipu International's packing team are unified after professional training, in accordance with the international moving standard packing each item has its own set of professional packing methods, so that the items in each link of transport security.

The following are the conditions for moving from Beijing to St. John's, Canada duty free:

According to Canada Customs regulations, for new immigrants, Canadian citizens and other people can be used in the place of residence for more than six months of self-use goods and personal property duty-free entry into Canada. If you are a new immigrant within five years, you need to fill out and declare the Back Arrival Baggage List (Form B4E) at the airport customs office when you first land in Canada, indicating that you have personal belongings to be transported there, and that you need to declare them to the customs office if they are brand-new items. Airport Customs will stamp and give a B15 receipt for subsequent clearance of the items.