Sold the house in Changzhou, the family moved to the United States Irvine, Mr Zhao's family has purchased property in the United States, because of the fear that the family is not accustomed to life in the U.S., so to find the Xipu, the domestic common furniture to move over, thinking of directly to a turnkey.
Many people will say why bother, freight is enough to buy new, that is you do not understand the furniture market in the United States, in the United States to buy a random furniture, are hundreds of thousands of dollars, very expensive. It would be better to move the domestic furniture over, both to save money, with the smooth hand" agreed to the door packing time, the supervisor with the masters came to Mr Zhao's home.
The first appearance is a piano, piano internal parts are numerous, involving a slight change in the whole body, must be done without fail, not a professional veteran do not dare to move casually, and Xipu masters as a packing piano veteran, each full of experience. Master with pearl cotton thick wrap two layers, leaving no gap, around the edges with rigid corner strip fixed, and finally coupled with the Xipu cardboard, to the Xipu warehouse, will then give the piano customised wooden box, so that the piano in the long-distance shipping road, more secure.
In addition to the piano, the sofa should also be taken away together, like this leather sofa, the most afraid of scratching, the first layer of pearl cotton to do the basic protection, pearl cotton do not have to wrap too tight, there is a sense of air can be shock-absorbing anti-scratch, the most outside there is a layer of cardboard reinforced, wrapped tightly, security, nothing to say.
Finally, a very textured mahogany sideboard, directly as is panning the United States, and the American style sofa a mix of Chinese and Western flavour, domestic packing all done. And then one by one to move on the car, sent to the Hippo warehouse, and so on the schedule after the shipment can be transported directly to the new home in Irvine!
The United States has always been one of our advantageous routes, friends in need of don't miss it!