Service routes: Cangzhou to The Hague;
Service mode: Door-to-door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Mr. Fan entrusted Hipu International to transport his furniture from Cangzhou to The Hague, Netherlands.

The Hague" means "Count's forest", initially in the 14th century when the city was founded was once the royal aristocracy's hunting grounds, until the 16th century became the political center of the Netherlands. As the third largest city in the Netherlands and the seat of the national central government, The Hague enjoys a stable socio-political and economic situation, a relaxed lifestyle, a beautiful and quiet environment, and many famous attractions. More importantly, The Hague is an important link for communication and cooperation between China and the Netherlands, and many Chinese are attracted to go there.

Mr. Fan from Cangzhou registered his old house in Cangzhou for sale after completing the formalities of migrating to The Hague, Netherlands. The old furniture used for many years in his house was ready to be shipped to Holland by a professional international moving company. Some of the furniture had been used for a long time since Mr. Fan's grandparents' generation and had accompanied him and his family for many years, so he was ready to take them along with him in this move.

Xipu International Moving has already provided shipping furniture and baggage services for many customers who migrated to the Netherlands, so after listening to some of Mr. Fan's transportation requirements, the salesman quickly customized a detailed shipping program for him, from door-to-door packing and picking up, customs clearance, shipping, distribution and other links, without much involvement of Mr. Fan, as long as you provide the relevant documents can be the whole process by the person in charge of the real door-to-door! One-stop moving service.



On the day of the move, Hipo International's packing master came to Mr. Fan's house early in the morning according to the agreed time, and the first thing they did was to put on their own footwear, which was a high-quality performance that Mr. Fan praised again and again. From the morning until the end of the packing, spent a full 5 hours to complete. Afterwards, the masters will pull down the goods Xipu self-owned warehouses, valuables according to Mr. Fan's requirements on the wooden box to strengthen, all ready to wait for the booking of sea freight!

All is ready to be booked for shipping





Moving is a tedious task, and moving overseas is even more tedious, especially for the inexperienced. So what details do we need to pay extra attention to when moving overseas?

1、Before moving

(1) Choosing an international moving company

People are very particular about comparison shopping, and for something as important as moving, you should be even more careful. Therefore, you should have a detailed understanding of the choice of moving company, the moving process, price, method and so on. International moving company is about safety and service, so it is recommended that you must not simply from the price above to choose. Because on the surface to save a little money, to the back of the expense will be greater to complete the aftermath of the work, but also face a great risk. Therefore, the best way is to go directly to the official website of the moving company to understand, look at their service process, cases and other information, comprehensive comparative analysis and comparison.

(2) Organize your daily necessities in advance

According to the value of goods, living habits to organize moving goods, can take away as much as possible to bring over. Moving customers often bring living supplies are mainly clothing: clothes and shoes; study supplies: books, stationery; life small items: kitchen dishes, tea sets, small appliances, storage boxes, daily necessities, bedding, living goods and so on.

(3) Furniture selection.

If the furniture at home is of high value and rare, you can consider bringing it over. Of course, you can also re-purchase a brand new set of furniture to be shipped by sea; when purchasing new furniture, you need to confirm the crating and packing requirements with the moving company in advance, so as to avoid damages and customs clearance anomalies during transportation. Here, you need to pay attention to several details:

① Whether the quantity is complete, the quality is qualified and the accessories are complete at the time of delivery;

② Packaging is best for neutral packaging (no LOGO, brand lettering);

③ fragile items playing wooden frame must need to use fumigation-free materials (customs clearance is very important)


(1) In the international moving company's staff before entering the house, communicate with them in advance; which items to be moved, what are the valuables, in this case, the moving company's staff in the packing, handling, transportation and destination operations will pay extra attention.

(2) After the lifting and packing is completed, leave a list of items to be stored in the bottom, so that it is easy to count the number of items when signing for them in the destination country.

(3) When the consignment is loaded into the container, the moving company will provide photos so that you can be updated on the progress.

(4) Organize and prepare personal information; generally speaking, the international moving company will have special staff to help customers to organize the information, when the customer only need to provide according to the staff's requirements.

(5) If you buy international moving insurance, be sure to carefully check the beneficiary and the type of insurance, the amount and the destination.

3、After moving

(1) Log in the destination country one or two weeks in advance, so that the foreign agent can contact you when clearing the customs, and they will check the information briefly at that time.

(2) Wait until you receive the goods, check the damage of the items at the scene. If there is any problem, take photos at the first time and notify the moving company;

(3) If you choose door-to-door value-added service, the staff of the international moving company will provide the service of setting in place and assembling simple furniture.

(4) Regarding the signed receipt (POD), this must be noted if there is any breakage, because the signed receipt is the only proof of acceptance.