Service route: Shanghai to Christchurch;
Service Mode: Door-to-door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Ms Wu entrusted Hippo International to ship her household goods from Shanghai to Christchurch, New Zealand by sea.

Christchurch is the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand, New Zealand's third largest city, but also a garden city, its terrain is gentle, the climate is mild and pleasant, full of strong British cultural atmosphere, living here allows people to forget about the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy a free and quiet life.

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Shanghai Wu's only daughter married Christchurch, New Zealand, because of the parents do not rest assured in the country, have been urging the old couple to go to Christchurch to live together, after all, is to live in most of the life of the place, is not able to say that leave on the leave, and therefore find a variety of reasons to put off the past.


However, as the age is getting older and older, looking around the friends every day with the grandchildren is not happy, and the old couple in the New Year's Eve relative to each other, will inevitably feel lonely. So they decided to join their daughter in Christchurch to enjoy their family life.

Daughter heard that the old couple decided to come to Christchurch is very happy, and hastily start to prepare for the two old people's immigration matters, in order to let the two old people in Christchurch live in the habit, the daughter intends to the two old people in Shanghai together with their own furniture shipped to Christchurch. After searching for several international moving companies on the internet, and after many comparisons, we finally chose Xipu International Moving Company.


In accordance with the appointment time, Hipo's staff came to Mrs Wu's house with professional packing materials to pack the items to be transported.
Hipu International uses standardised three-layer packaging: the first layer, pearl cotton bottom, anti-scratch treatment; the second layer, rigid corner strips to prevent bumping; the third layer, with five layers of thickened cardboard according to the size of the items cut cardboard boxes, to do a full protective treatment. After packing, the items will be transported to Xipu's professional warehouse for the production of fumigation-free crates and pallets and other operations, the furniture safety work to the end, so as to ensure that the items can be more safe to arrive at Christchurch home! Below is the pick up and packing site on the same day:




With Hipu's assistance, the furniture items of the elderly couple arrived in Christchurch smoothly. Finally, we wish the elderly couple a happy life in Christchurch.

New Zealand immigrants need to have the following conditions for duty-free customs clearance:
1, Chinese passport + New Zealand new immigrants within five years
2, Chinese passport + New Zealand work visa for more than two years
3、New Zealand citizens holding a long-term visa of more than 21 months in China, and living in China for more than 21 months to return to New Zealand
4、Items must be old and used, and the clearer should be in New Zealand when handling customs clearance of items.