Service routes: Nanjing to Auckland;
Service mode: Door-to-door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Dr. Liu entrusted Hipu International to transport his furniture from Nanjing to Auckland, New Zealand.

Oakland is a vibrant multicultural city with immigrant communities from all over the world. This gives the city a diverse cuisine, arts and festivals celebrations, attracting the best and brightest from all over the world to immigrate and live in the city.


Dr. Liu from NTU went abroad for academic exchanges, fell in love at first sight with a New Zealand Chinese female executive, and after 8 years of love, sold his house in Xianlin, Nanjing, and prepared for a cross-country move to Auckland, New Zealand! These days, there is still such a great love that is witnessed by Xipu!

Dr. Liu's items to be transported by sea are relatively miscellaneous, containing some academic books, and furniture with different shapes and rules, so packing is crucial and very much a test of professionalism, which can't be difficult for our masters. After signing the moving contract with Dr. Liu, the workers started to pack according to the agreed time. On that day, the staff chose different packing materials and packing methods according to the type, value, volume, weight and other factors of the items, from small clothes and books to large solid wood furniture, each with its own set of exclusive professional packing process.


The doctor of a first-class university has a lot of books at home! It needs to be packed properly to avoid moisture during the shipping process. Masters first use Xipu thickened small book box, and then in the bottom of the cardboard box pad on the white paper, then the books neatly arranged in the cardboard box, will be stuffed to the brim, leaving no gaps to ensure that the books will not be shaken in transit, the books are boxed with tape to seal the box, and outside the box marking, easy to count the box, and so on arrival at the warehouse Xipu, will be placed on a pallet overall wrapped in several layers of tensile film, moisture-proofing treatment.
The following is the packing site on that day:





Moving is a tedious thing, and moving overseas is even more tedious. But with the help of a professional moving and packing team, a lot of troubles will be solved.

Here are the points to note when moving to New Zealand:

  1. When choosing a moving company, screen carefully. Many international shipping companies are doing marketing under the banner of international moving, such companies themselves are based on trade in goods, for international moving is basically not entry, only your personal belongings as trade goods to be shipped, although the price is relatively low, but in the way of trade, not only is it difficult to clear the customs, and if you are not familiar with it, you will be unable to clear the customs due to the lack of relevant documents and information, which will lead to the cost of the skyrocketing.

  2. The so-called door-to-door service provided by some international moving companies will separate the cost to calculate, such as the domestic part of the payment to the moving company, the foreign part of the cost of some of the payment to the port, some paid to the customs and forwarding companies, etc., the services provided by these companies is, frankly speaking, a door-to-harbor service, and in the foreign side of the cost of the cost of the implied costs, so find a company that can be fully inclusive of the cost of the company.

  3. To determine the time to move, this is mainly to see when the new home in New Zealand can move in, if it is newly renovated, it is recommended that at least environmentally friendly ventilation for about three months, do not rush to move in.

  4. Before moving to determine which items are ready to ship, which do not need, and then determine the volume, according to the advice of the international moving company to choose the consolidation or full container transportation services, at the same time, to determine which items need to be disassembled, which can not be disassembled should be planned ahead of time, to avoid subsequent trouble.

  5. When organizing your belongings before moving, stick a good corresponding label on each package and mark the contents in detail, so that you can avoid fumbling when restoring your belongings to your new home abroad and can't find the original items.

  6. Be sure to indicate to the staff of the moving company which items belong to the key protection, if possible, in the box with a conspicuous logo or prompt language; some fragile items or valuable items must be explained to the operation of the workers to explain the instructions; some of the heavy or bulky furniture (eg, cabinets, pianos, etc.) should be allowed to move the company more than the arrangement of a few workers to move, and someone in the side of the command.