Shanghai old professor retired after travelling around the world, as soon as the Gold Coast, Australia, fell deeply in love.
This time back to China, to persuade the old partner, move to Australia, together with the old furniture over, not much to say, find Xipu International Moving, arrangements.
This TV cabinet, when you get it is a meat and potatoes, packing can not be abstract, you have to wrap a layer of pearl cotton on the inside, stick with tape, and then according to the shape of the tailor-made cardboard coat, all-round protection, shock-absorbing anti-knock directly in one step.
Lying half a lifetime sofa chair, take away is a must, regardless of the size, the master packing is a hand to hand, in the pearl cotton parcel, to prevent the leather surface scratching, along the outside of the sofa contour with cardboard reinforcement, the original packaging are not so close, inside and outside are assured.
Finally, of course, the most senior coffee table, the master division of labour is good, three five to two measurements, packing in place.
Less than 4 hours to move finished. The trolley was loaded and transported to the Hippo warehouse, happiness is so simple, the old couple easily out of the country in the Gold Coast to lie down and sign the receipt on the end of the matter!