Service route: Shenzhen to Vancouver;
Service mode: Door to door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Ms. Yuan entrusted Hippo International to transport her furniture from Shenzhen to Vancouver, Canada by sea.

Vancouver, Canada is known as the "Gateway to the Pacific", almost surrounded by water, is the largest natural harbor on the Pacific coast of North America. It only has a history of more than a hundred years, is a large number of Asian settlement, mostly Hong Kong in the past Chinese. Especially in Richmond, even the streets are full of Chinese, many store signs are in Chinese and English, and the food is full of strong Chinese flavor, which is very suitable for Chinese immigrants.

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As a developed country, Canada also has the world's most complete education system, its education system and style combines both the tradition and rigor of British education and the freedom and openness of American education.

Ms. Yuan, who lives in Shenzhen, has a daughter who is only two years old this year. In order to educate her daughter and to save her child from the domestic college entrance examination, Ms. Yuan is going to move her family to Vancouver, Canada. In the second half of last year, the formalities have just been done down, want to find an international moving company, Shenzhen's home all the way to Vancouver. Ms. Yuan saw Hippo International Moving on the internet and after a comprehensive comparison of the prices, reputation and services of other companies, she finally chose Hippo International Moving as the carrier for her cross-country move to Vancouver.

Ms. Yuan needed to ship all the furniture of three rooms and one living room, which was a large quantity, so Hipo recommended her to pack a 20GP container directly for the whole container transportation, which was not only fast, but also guaranteed the safety of the items. After confirming the cooperation and signing the contract of carriage, Ms. Yuan made an appointment for door-to-door packing service. On that day, Hipu's packing staff checked the furniture carefully with Ms. Yuan, recorded any problems in detail, and finally checked with Ms. Yuan, and then the master started to pack the items in a fine way. Whether it is some large pieces of furniture, or small pieces of ornaments, books, etc., and even private clothing, can help to pack, the following is the packing site:






Because Ms. Yuan transported some high value items such as piano and solid wood furniture, the salesperson recommended Ms. Yuan to buy a door-to-door insurance. International transportation has many transits, long time limit and long distance, even if we will strengthen and pack all the items professionally, take good protective measures to maximize the safety of the items, sometimes it is still difficult to ensure that there is no friction and bumps on the items, so the door-to-door insurance can provide a double protection.

Xipu provides international moving door-to-door insurance, also known as all risk insurance, which covers the risk of damage to the goods from the time we pick up the goods at the door to the time you receive the goods at your destination home, such a whole process. It is underwritten by American insurance company and the premium is charged at 3.5% of the insured value. The insurance starts at $150, corresponding to a total insured value of $4,286. If your goods are of high value and there are many perishable items, it is recommended that you purchase a door-to-door insurance policy.

Application process:

1、Obtain the "Insurance Application Form" from the customer service.
2、Fill in the item name and value according to the category of goods
3、Print the form, sign it and return it to the customer service of international moving.

Claim process:

If the items are accidentally damaged:

1、Apply in writing to submit the claim form of international moving, listing the name, quantity and value of the damaged items and attaching the picture information of the damaged items, a copy of the original insurance policy and a description of the damage degree of the items. The information needs to be submitted to the international moving company within 30 days, otherwise it is regarded as giving up the claim.
2、Negotiation of compensation International Moving Company's customer service staff will immediately notify and feedback the materials and claim information to the insurance company after receiving your claim and assist in the claim.
3、Loss determination insurance company will contact you after receiving the materials submitted by Xipu's customer service staff, and will complete the loss determination within a short period of time, followed by cash checks and other means of payment. Payment is based on the repair and re-purchase of this item which value is low according to which compensation. During this period, we ask that you keep the damaged item(s) for the purpose of damage determination. (Note: All claims may require proof of ownership, proof of value and proof of loss or damage).

The following are not covered by insurance:

(1) Loss or damage caused by any governmental act, loss caused by customs authorities or official confiscation.
(2) Loss of and damage to jewelry, precious stones, cash, currency, bank notes, deeds, traveler's checks, coins, etc., or prohibited items such as alcohol, beverages and food.
(3) Depreciation of the value of the item due to transportation delays.
(4) Damage or wear and tear to electrical equipment, machinery, or data inside any item will not be claimed unless there is external damage at the time of delivery.
(5) Shipper's own packing of items not approved by our company.
(6) Loss and damage to items due to problems with packaging materials.
(7) Losses or wear and tear caused by weather conditions, pests or changes in inherent defects.
(8) Losses caused by war, nuclear reaction, radiation or radioactive contamination, factors beyond human control.
(9) No compensation will be paid for loss or damage until the insured expenses have been received.