Service route: Tianjin to Turin;
Service mode: Door to door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Mr. Wu entrusted Hippo International to transport his furniture from Tianjin to Turin, Italy by sea.

Turin, in the north of Italy, is a true "magic city". It was the first capital city after the unification of Italy, but it is also a city with a long history. It combines the ancient and the modern in a perfect way, with a strong European spirit and surrounded by an atmosphere of balance between the Nordic and Mediterranean civilizations. As the "cradle of Italian freedom", Turin attracts talents from all over the world with its unique charm.


Mr. Wu from Tianjin was sent to Italy by his company and needed to live in Turin for a few years. Considering the daily expenses and the thought of home, he is ready to ship the big furniture, electrical appliances and clothes to Italy, so as to save the trouble of re-buying them abroad.

After evaluating the price, service and other aspects, Mr. Wu finally chose Hippo International Moving. Because the luggage items are not particularly large, about 8, 9 m³ or so, Hipu suggested Mr. Wu to choose our characteristics of the group shipment of boxes, not only cost-effective, safety is also guaranteed.

After signing the contract with Mr. Wu, Hippo arranged several masters to carry out the door-to-door packing work, and brought enough packing materials.

Carefully counted and introduced, the staff began to work in strict accordance with the standard packaging process, packing dare not be sloppy: the first layer of cotton white paper for anti-scratch processing; the second layer of "pearl cotton" plus body, to play a shock-proof, anti-bump role; in the corners of the furniture using rigid guards to do protection; the third layer of high-strength rigid cardboard for the The third layer of high-strength rigid cardboard to do the secondary packaging, the scene splicing skillful, anti-vibration value directly pull full! Electronic products, more can not have half a bit of moisture and collision! The master will first be placed flat on the thick cardboard to ensure that the placement of flat, and then pearl cotton, tape, cardboard on the line, until properly protected, want to bump the door are not! Here is the packing scene:






Moving from China to overseas, if there are not many things, the staff of international moving companies will suggest customers to choose the way of consolidation, this way is more cost-effective, suitable for moving items less than a full cabinet, moving budget is limited, and the timeliness of the requirements of the customer is not high.

What are the benefits of consolidation?

1.It can save cost, a cabinet can generally be loaded with the goods of seven or eight shippers, you can share the cost of the whole cabinet to each shipper;

2.LCL warehouse space is guaranteed rarely dumped, shipping companies and terminals will prioritize the protection of LCL containers;

3.LCL bill of lading can come out very quickly, generally open the ship can be signed out, and the whole container shipping company need to open the ship two working days to sign out, and the date of the ship, do not let to sign.

Of course, LCL has some shortcomings, such as cargo is more miscellaneous, cargo crating may be crushed, etc., need to pay attention to the crating problem, LCL can not specify the shipping company, the whole container can be designated shipping company.

You can choose the transportation mode reasonably according to your own transportation needs!