Service route: Hangzhou to Munich;
Service Model: Door-to-door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Mr. Han entrusted Xipu International to ship his home furniture items to Munich, Germany.

Munich is not only one of the most prosperous and modern cities in Europe, but it also retains the local traditional and simple style. It is known as the most magnificent "palace cultural center" in Germany. Its long and rich history gives the city a strong cultural atmosphere and the style of a royal capital. .


Mr. Han’s daughter married in Munich. After his daughter’s earnest persuasion, Mr. Han finally agreed to accompany his daughter to immigrate to Munich. But the only thing that Mr. Han, who has devoted his life to art, cannot worry about is the calligraphy, painting and piano at home. So Mr. Han’s daughter entrusted Xipu International to carry out this cross-country moving trip.

The items that Mr. Han wants to be shipped by sea are relatively expensive and difficult to transport, but for the professional movers of Xipu International, it is a piece of cake. After negotiating with Mr. Yu Han, the moving master came to pack the items and customized the packing process according to the size of calligraphy, painting and piano.




When going through German customs, don’t bring these things with you:
According to the "Instructions for Chinese Citizens Going to Germany" issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China:
For passengers from non-EU countries, the value of duty-free goods brought into Germany must not exceed 58.8 euros.

The quantity of entry duty-free goods shall not exceed the following requirements:

1.Tobacco products: 200 cigarettes or 100 cigarillos; 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco.

2.Alcohol products: 1 liter of wine with an alcohol content of more than 22%; or 2 liters of wine with an alcohol content of less than 22%; or 2 liters of sparkling or alcohol-added wine; or 2 liters of ordinary wine. 500g coffee or 200g espresso essence. 100 grams of tea or 40 grams of concentrated tea essence. 50 grams of perfume or 0.25 liters of toilet water.

Note: Only persons over 17 years old can bring duty-free tobacco and alcoholic beverages into the country. Coffee must also be brought into the country by persons over 15 years old.

According to the official website of German Customs, when entering Germany:
1.Counterfeit drugs, stimulants, traditional Chinese medicines and narcotics are not allowed (unless prescribed by a doctor). Don’t keep too many medicines on hand. It is best if the drug packaging is marked OTC (over-the-counter).

2.Cash (euro and foreign currency) exceeding 10,000 euros must be declared.

3.Fireworks and firecrackers, dangerous dogs, newspapers and media that are harmful to the development of young people, and antiques and cultural relics are not allowed.

4.You can bring some food, but the following foods are prohibited from entry: wild mushrooms, potatoes, sturgeon caviar, meat products, milk, dairy products and eggs.

5.It is prohibited to bring counterfeit and shoddy goods, pirated copycats, etc. into the country.

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