After careful consideration, Ms Li and her husband were ready to move the whole family to Perth, Australia. After the house in Shanghai was taken care of, Ms Li found Hippo and entrusted Hippo to help her to ship some of the commonly used furniture to Perth by sea.
Special instructions, be sure to pack the piano, that is the daughter's favourite, the piano belongs to the fragile items, thanks to Hipu has a professional packing master, the master first with thick cardboard to the piano cushion high, to prevent in the transport process, the piano bottom by the bump, and then the pearl cotton for the thick wrapping, will be wrapped around every edge and corner of the piano are wrapped up tightly, to prevent the body of the scratches, the edges around the protection of the corners of the rigid, and then all-round according to the shape of the piano, with rigid paper, and then the piano will be shaped, and then the piano will be wrapped with rigid cardboard. The shape of the piano, reinforced with rigid cardboard packaging, after arriving at the warehouse will also give the piano, customised exclusive wooden box, to ensure the safety of the items.
In addition to the piano, Ms Li would like to home sofas, marble tables and other furniture shipped together, Hipo's packing masters, of course, is sparing no effort to these furniture on the layers of protection to reduce all risks, will be all packaged up, the masters will be loaded into the car transported to the Hipo warehouse la!
The next Ms Lee just need to sit and wait for the receipt of goods at home in Australia can be ~