Service route: Beijing to Brisbane;
Service mode: door-to-door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Mr Xu entrusted Hippo International to ship his furniture items from his home in Beijing to Brisbane, Australia by sea.

Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia, the largest harbour city in the country and the capital of Queensland. Situated on the banks of the Brisbane River, the city enjoys a lot of sunshine due to its special geographical location and is known as the "City of Sunshine". Brisbane is also a diverse city with a large Chinese community, which attracts a large number of Chinese people who choose to move to the city.
The city is also home to a large Chinese community, which has attracted many Chinese people to the city.

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Mr Xu from Beijing was transferred to Brisbane headquarter to work due to his outstanding work ability. He couldn't let go of the furniture items that had been with him for many years and wanted to bring them to Brisbane to continue to use. Looking at the familiar furniture in foreign countries also has a sense of belonging, Mr Xu's furniture are used old furniture, you can have a chance to apply for tax exemption, so take this opportunity to bring these furniture over.


If you want to move from China to Brisbane duty free, firstly, your status must be met, you must hold an Australian passport + Chinese long term visa for more than one year or Chinese passport + Australian permanent residency visa, as well as a work visa for more than 12 months or a visitor visa for more than 3 years, and secondly, the condition of the items should be met, they must be personal belongings that have been in use for more than one year, for example, furniture, pianos, clothes, pots and pans, etc. are all personal self-used Items.


Within the time agreed with Mr Xu, the movers came to his home with materials and provided professional packing services for each piece of furniture. Because furniture items are easy to bump, so the master used packing materials are in line with international moving standards, very thick, layer by layer of the packing process, can make the furniture safely through the shipping journey, items packed into the warehouse, the items will be further reinforced. The following is the packing scene on that day:






Dos and don'ts for migrants moving to Australia:
(1) You cannot bring prohibited items such as tobacco, alcohol, food, animal and plant products.
(2) The documents needed for customs clearance should be communicated with the customer service in advance, and the forms to be filled out also need to be completed in advance, so as to avoid the danger of bringing delay to the customs clearance cycle.
(3) China to most parts of Australia, the whole time takes about 40-45 days, please log in Sydney in advance according to the itinerary, so that when clearing customs in Australia, if the customs need to provide auxiliary supporting materials or other, can also be timely with the communication.
(4) It is best to choose door-to-door double-clearance value-added services, delivering items directly to the designated location when delivering to the door, and providing services such as unpacking, assembling, cleaning, etc., so that moving is considered to be the beginning and the end.
(5) Once the items are found to be missing and damaged when signing for the goods, make sure to note the situation on the signing slip; if insurance is purchased, notify the service provider to arrange for the insurance procedure.