Service route: Hangzhou to Los Angeles;
Service mode: Door to door moving one-stop service;
Case Overview: Mr. Wang entrusted Xipu International to ship his furniture items from Hangzhou to Los Angeles, USA by sea.

Los Angeles sits firmly in the most suitable for Chinese immigrants in the city of the first chair, is the United States second only to New York's big city. Here the environment is beautiful, temperate marine climate makes the whole year is very mild, no particularly hot summer and no winter, the key is the Chinese accounted for a large proportion of the total population, the status of the Chinese is also relatively high, subject to relatively small restrictions.

Mr. Wang's family in Hangzhou just sold their house in China this year and started to prepare for moving to Los Angeles, U.S.A. They have already purchased a new property there and are ready to transport their domestic luggage to their new home. I'm sorry.

The new immigrants will be able to bring their own furniture into the U.S. duty-free.


According to the customer's list of items, the total volume of Mr. Wang's belongings is about 24m³, and in the development of the transportation program, Xipu international moving consultant suggested that the customer choose the way to transport the whole container by sea. The customer wanted to pack his personal belongings in advance, so Hippo provided free delivery service for the customer and packing guide to assist the customer in packing. In addition, the customer has some furniture, large home appliances and fragile crafts, due to moving to the U.S. transportation time is longer, the turnover is more often, so it is particularly important to carry out a full range of packaging of the items, therefore, Hippo's staff in the door to pick up the goods, the use of professional packaging materials for packing, to ensure that the transportation is safe.






For the new immigrants who are ready to go abroad, they always want to take the personal belongings they are used to with them, so how to take them over? Today, Hipo International Moving will give you a popularization of what is the process of cross-border transportation of personal belongings?

1.choose the cross-border transportation company

At present, there are many practitioners of cross-border transportation of personal belongings, and many companies will use low prices to attract customers. If you are planning to move across the border, it is very important to choose a reliable moving company, so you need to be very careful when selecting an international moving company, because a little bit of carelessness may lead to the moving items can not be declared, or the loss of items damaged situation.

2.Confirm the mode of transportation

The main modes of international transportation for personal belongings are sea freight and air freight, and the specific choice depends on the economic situation, the degree of urgency and the number of items.

3.Free door-to-door evaluation and volume measurement

After confirming the mode of transportation, the international moving company will arrange the supervisor to come to your door to measure the volume free of charge, and measure the volume of the personal belongings that need to be transported, etc. After the supervisor measures the volume, he/she will give you a one-time detailed and transparent quotation according to the time and specific services that the customer chooses, and you don't need to bear any additional costs, the whole process is clear and transparent.

4.Door-to-door packing

After signing the transportation contract, according to the time specified in the contract, the packing team of the moving company will go to the customer's home with professional packing materials to pack the items to be transported. From the smallest fragile pots and pans to the most expensive wooden furniture and pianos, every item will be packed according to the professional international moving standards to ensure that no damage will occur in the process of transportation.

5.Customs declaration and clearance

Nowadays, customs regulations are becoming more and more strict, if the customs clearance link is not familiar with the customs policy leading to operational errors, resulting in furniture can not be cleared in accordance with the way of personal belongings, you need to deliver expensive tariffs, or in the process of communication and operation of additional costs, so Xipu International Moving Company will utilize the wealth of experience to help customers smooth customs clearance.


The staff of the foreign agent will agree with the customer on the time of delivery, move the goods to the customer's home, put the furniture in place, and provide dismantling of the outer packaging of the items, assembling the furniture, and take away the packaging garbage generated in a unified manner.